Craig H. Lane, P.C., is a full service law office engaged in the general practice of law including the follow:

Family Law
Craig H. Lane practices primarily in the area of family law which includes the full range of family law issues including divorces, child custody and visitation, modifications, child support, 236 Protection Orders, juvenile law cases, adoptions and name changes. Craig handles these types of cases in both Iowa and Nebraska.

Bankruptcy Law
Craig H. Lane also practices primarily in the area of bankruptcy law which includes Chapter 7 bankruptcies. We represent individuals as well as commercial clients. Bankruptcy laws changed in 2005 but there are still many options left for debtors in order to seek relief from their debts.

Criminal Law
Craig H. Lane practices in the area of criminal law which includes a broad array of potential criminal actions including DUI’s (Driving Under the Influence), Driving While Suspended or Barred, Assaults, Domestic Abuse, Theft, Fraud and traffic violations. Craig is licensed to practice in both Iowa and Nebraska in criminal law cases.